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  • Strength and Balance Stay Steady
  • MoveMore Falls Prevention
  • Being Resilient Work Life Balance
  • Hormones like a Ninja Work Life Balance
  • Emotional Intelligence Work Life Balance
  • Accountability Work Life Balance
  • Bed 2 Chair Physical Activity
  • Smile and Reflect Dementia Empowerment
  • iBalance Yoga, Tai Chi Pilates
  • Safe Guarding
  • iDefine Cancer Empowerment
  • iRepose Mindfulness Training
  • Elixir Fitness Ageing Greatly Physical Activity
  • Bands & Sometimes PomsPoms
  • Special Populations Chronic Health Conditions
  • Menopause Warriors  Ageing Greatly
  • Stress Makes You Fat


To understand how stress manifests in the body and the mind and how it impacts your life. Allowing you to understand the methodology of relax, create change, move and breathe.

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Pronounced Pie-La-Bill-itee. This level 2 course brings you training around mobility, joint actions and stretching the body. Targeted towards 45-65 year olds (mid-lifers). The Pilability concept is around 7 elements of movement that support the ageing body. By the end of the training you will have a better understanding of coaching both physical and mental wellbeing. Training includes mindfulness and addressing fear, improving confidence with a greater knowledge of how the ageing body evolves through the life span and how we can train it without injury.

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Strength and Balance 1 Day Workshop for Home Care Agencies

COVID-19 has changed all our lives. We know the importance of keeping as well as possible and that includes daily activity. We need to add more movement snacks into daily living . Carers and Health Care Workers, are the secret weapon. They are the ChangeMakers and the SuperStars with motivation to help make a difference.

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