The Seven Pillars

The formula of Pilability is firmly set around seven sections. This helps with choreography but also breaks down elements such as getting on the floor. It is designed to be supportive for the mid-lifer where niggles may be beginning. Sharing health messages throughout the program is the difference between Pilability and other course structures.

Mobility – improves range of motion into and around joints. Mobility can improve posture and alleviate niggles and can help us become more aware of our bodies. Mobility is the underpinning foundation of Pilability.

Standing Strong –  Your standing muscles are in your abdomen, butt and legs. Standing work addresses balance and strength.

Wall Work – See the wall as a piece of equipment to compliment the standing work and support balance and mobility.

To the Floor –  Introducing exercises specifically designed to build confidence getting on and off the floor.

Floor Work –  Moving your body around you’re the floor competently

Mindivator –  Mindfulness element, relax, create, change

Rise Up –  Affirmations and positivity to build courage and confidence