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iCareiMove is a health and wellbeing training provider with expertise in falls prevention. Our courses and methodology are designed for Wellbeing & Physical Activity. This approach will improve quality of life.Physical movement and mental exercise is so important in the promotion of  ageing greatly. Your wellbeing matters. Our ambition is to train and teach people to make positive health changes using the greatest asset, your body.

Helen Tite – Founder & CEO
Pat Taylor — Registered Nurse

Our Story

A combination of teaching fitness and clinical rehabilitation with a mix of trauma and orthopaedic care and a huge dose of empathy, we decided to reach more people by turning our methodology into courses to both support care, health and wellness sectors. That wasn’t enough we wanted to share good business practise and coach understanding of lifestyle medicine with as many people who are open to the prospect of ageing greatly and that it is never to late to make better changes for your health.

Meet Our Lead Instructors

From delivering our falls prevention community program to mindfulness, movement and business coaching. Our delivery is centred around wellbeing. All our lead Instructors come with years of experience in training and experience in Care, Physical Activity, Coaching and Resilience.

Helen Tite

Her energy is uplifting and you leave having being inspired by her enthusiasm and passion to make a difference.

Pat Taylor

A kind soul who has lovingly worked in the NHS for over 30 years. A wealth of experience including expertise in falls prevention and management.

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